2 more antisemitic incidents reported in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY - Police say two more antisemitic have occurred, this time in Williamsburg, with the most recent one happening early Wednesday afternoon.

Police say two people followed a 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish man on Broadway and Gerry Street and yelled antisemitic slurs at the him.

The two people, who were later arrested, took the victim's phone, slammed it to the ground and punched the victim in the throat, according to police.

Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind says this is just one of two incidents that happened in the last 24 hours. He says a man in his 60s was afraid to report another incident that also occurred in Williamsburg.

On Wednesday, that victim came forward and police confirm the 66-year-old reported one suspect was walking near him on Keap Street when he started yelling "Jew, Hitler, I’ll burn you. I’ll shoot you."

Police say the victim saw another man running towards him. The 66-year-old was not injured.

These latest incidents come after a string of others across Brooklyn and New York City over the holiday season. Hikind says action must be taken now to prevent similar incidents from continuing.

Also on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg. The governor has directed state police to increase their patrols and security in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods statewide.

Source: Brooklyn.news12