A hotline to report antisemitism in Belgium

Victims of antisemitism, racism and discrimination will be able to report it online directly to the police, according to MP Michael Freilich.

For some victims, the threshold to go to the police is still too high, he said, adding that the Jewish community “has long since lost faith” in Unia, the equal opportunities centre, which also has an online hotline.

“Kippas are being torn from the heads of Jewish boys and facades are defaced with swastikas. These are just a few examples of daily incidents of anti-Semitism,” said Freilich, adding that victims of incidents like these often do not have the energy to report them. “Especially if the perpetrators are unknown and the chance of prosecution is virtually non-existent,” Freilich.

However, soon victims of anti-Semitic incidents will be able to report them to the police using their e-ID card.

“A reporting system, called Police-on-web, already exists, although limited to a set of specific crimes,” said Minister for Domestic Affairs, Pieter De Crem, reports Het Nieuwsblad. “I will instruct the police services to expand the possibilities of Police-on-web, so that citizens can report racist and discriminatory incidents via this channel in the future,” he added.

Source: Jpost