AJC and DAIA launch campaign against antisemitism

Extremely dismayed by the cases of antisemitism registered in the United States and in different countries of the world, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) launched the #JudaismoconOrgullo (#JewishandProud) campaign that will be viralized next Monday, January 6 through social networks .

In Argentina, the campaign will have the cooperation of the DAIA, and will consist of a call for the largest number of people to display a poster with the legend #JudaismoconOrgullo (#JewishandProud), and disseminate it through the networks, mentioning the @AJCGlobal and @DAIAArgentina.

Likewise, the initiative calls to creatively show Judaism through different symbols, including the reasons that motivate that pride.

The campaign reaffirms the Jewish identity and recalls that antisemitism, which is still in force, will not intimidate the world's Jewish community.

Source: DAIA