Antisemitic hate crimes rise in 2019, overall crime at record low, NYPD says

Antisemitic hate crimes were up 26% in New York City in 2019 but overall crime was at a record low, the New York Police Department said Monday.

In 2019, there were 234 antisemitic incidents reported versus 186 incidents in 2018.

Hate crimes overall were up 20% in 2019, from 256 to 428. The additional 47 antisemitic incidents in 2019 made up the bulk of that increase.

In September, the NYPD noted the surge in antisemitic hate crimes. In December alone, NYPD figures show about a dozen reported antisemitic incidents in New York.

The surge caused the NYPD to increase police presence in several Brooklyn neighborhoods where some of the alleged incidents took place.

The NYPD breaks down hate crimes into 12 different categories, including antisemitic incidents.

Source: CNN