Antisemitic incident in the Berlin subway

Berlin - Early Friday morning, January 24, 2020, The Center for Democratic Contradiction came to an antisemitic incident in a Berlin subway on the U1 / U3 line at around 1:00 a.m. According to witnesses, a man between the stations Schlesisches Tor and Warschauer Strasse tried to loudly convince other passengers that Hitler was “not just bad”.This was used by two witnesses to the situation (who are known democratically ) to ask the man to be calm. A witness started then the situation with his cell phone camera to hold .

However, the man did not let the speech calm him down. Instead, he explained into the filmmaker's camera that Israelis had stolen land and bombing children. Israel killed millions of people. Mossad agents would also kidnap and kill young men to sell their organs to rich people.

After leaving the subway, the man continued to pursue the witnesses. He verbally expressed his willingness to engage in physical confrontation.

“The incident once again makes it clear that tangible antisemitic conspiracy theories lurk behind a poorly disguised“ Israel criticism ”. The fairy tale of Israeli organ harvesting is nothing more than a new edition of the anti-Jewish ritual murder legend, ”said Linus Pook from democ.

Source: audiatur-online