Doctored antisemitic sign found at New York Bagel in Dartmouth

Dartmouth, MA - Steven Ginsberg who has been an area business owner and resident for over 30 years said he’s never experienced what he found Wednesday morning at New York Bagel, one of his businesses. He called it an act of “antisemitic behavior.”

Ginsberg, who is Jewish, told The Standard-Times that around 6:15 a.m. Wednesday, he discovered a sign that said “A Jew PARK” outside of his Route 6 bagel shop. The sign appears to have originated as an A & A Jewelers parking sign, sliced in a way to read “A Jew PARK.”

A & A Jewelers is located diagonally across from New York Bagel, separated by the four lanes of Route 6 traffic.

“The sign was taped to a light post” nearby the drive-thru speaker, he explained.

Ginsberg posted a photograph of the sign on his personal Facebook page, which another person shared to a Dartmouth group, also on Facebook. That post has now garnered hundreds of comments and reactions.

Source: South coast today