European MPs to promote legislation fighting antisemitism

Over 100 ministers and MPs from all over Europe were slated to convene in Krakow, Poland, on Sunday to discuss practical ways to tackle the recent surge in antisemitism in Europe.

The conference, organized by the European Jewish Association, seeks to explore, among other things, ways to integrate Holocaust studies into Europe's educational systems, and to formulating legislation that would prohibit the use of anti-Semitic stereotypes such as the one notoriously used in the Aalst Carnival in Belgium.

The festival's 2019 edition was widely criticized by anti-discrimination groups for including a float depicting Jews with side curls and oversized noses atop piles of money.

Subsequently, UNESCO, the UN’s educational, scientific, and cultural agency, removed the famous carnival from its Cultural Heritage list, citing repeated displays of antisemitism.

The lawmakers are also seeking to enact legislation that would prevent the sale and auctioning of Nazi memorabilia.

"Given the surge in antisemitism, old and new, and the 'red-green' coalition, between the radical left and radical Islam, fuels anti-Semitism on both ends of the political spectrum, it is simply impossible to settle for statements like 'never again,' which have unfortunately become empty clich├ęs," said EJA head Rabbi Menachem Margolin.

Source: Israel Hayom