FA investigates ‘antisemitic’ tweet by Port Vale goalscorer Tom Pope

Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent Port Vale striker Tom Pope gained attention this weekend for scoring against Manchester City but could now be subject to an investigation by the Football Association after posting a series of tweets linking the Rothschilds to “every bank on the planet.”

When asked by a fan to “predict the World War III result” Pope tweeted “We invade Iran then Cuba then North Korea then the Rothschilds are crowned champions of every bank on the planet.”

When another Twitter user highlighted why the FA might want to investigate a potentially antisemitic remark, Pope continued to defend himself.

“How is it racist??” he replied. “Seriously is someone out to destroy me or what? Someone asked how does WW3 end and I replied when said countries were invaded and they have all the banks!! What’s the problem with that? Seriously??

In another post, he tweeted: “They own the bloody banks! There’s no racial malice whatsoever and anyone would say the bloody same! I didn’t choose a side I merely stated they own the banks and that’s it!”

It is understood the FA are looking into the matter and could launch an investigation depending on the outcome of talks with both the player and his club.

Source: The Guardian