In Kharkov, unknown persons entered the Jewish apartment and left antisemitic inscriptions on the wal

Kharkov - The applicant Vladislav B. said that while he was not at home (the applicant lives in one of the student dormitories from Karazin University), unknown persons abused his pile and stole personal belongings, leaving antisemitic inscriptions on the wall. This was reported by

“Ave Satan” was written on the wall in his room, and the Star of David in a circle was painted. In addition, unknown persons hung a pile of the victim on a nail and smeared it with toothpaste. It also turned out that the Torah belonging to the applicant had disappeared. At the same time, all valuables remained in place.

All this was discovered by the applicant on 30 December. Before that, he was not in the hostel.

There were no neighbors of the applicant during this period of time; there were also no witnesses to the incident.

The commandant did not know what to do with this incident, and also claimed that she had not given anyone the keys to the victim’s room. The key was in a corridor in a secret place so that neighbors in the absence of the applicant and vice versa could enter.

According to the applicant, he has no idea who could do this. Vladislav said that he does not hide his ethnicity and works in a large Jewish organization, which is why the Torah and the kip were not hidden.

The united Jewish community of Ukraine has taken control of this antisemitic incident and will write a statement to the GU NP in the Kharkiv region demanding that criminal proceedings be opened and the incident investigated.

Source: 057