Israel's flag flown on smokestack in Germany to insult Holocaust

Leipzig - Unknown antisemites raised an Israeli flag on a 40-meter high smokestack in the eastern German city of Leipzig on Monday, the day the international community commemorated the liberation of Auschwitz on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Bild reporter Markus Langer first reported on the outbreak of antisemitism, terming it a "disgusting provocation."

Andres Iglesias-Frey, the owner of the factory site, told Bild that "I am horrified that such provocations take place here."

Kai-Alexander Berg, a Leipzig police official, told Bild: “First of all, we investigate because of disturbance to the public order. In view of today's date, the state security was also informed."

The authorities are looking for DNA at the scene of the crime.

Andreas Ricken, a state prosecutor, told Bild that they consider the incident a hate crime, and were investigating accordingly.

The authorities removed the flag from the smokestack.

Source: Jpost