Jewish woman assaulted in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY - Around 7:15pm Thursday evening, a brutal assault and beating took place in front of shocked witnesses.

The assault took place on Empire Blvd as a middle aged Jewish woman was walking from Troy towards Albany Ave.

Shocked witnesses describe as a black female approached the Jewish woman from behind, and punching her in the side of her head.

The Jewish woman fell to the ground as the black female, reported by the police as being only 16 years old, began to beat her as she attempted to wrestle the victims pocketbook away.

One witness posted on social media that the incident was “horrifying to watch,” as they heard the victims “bloodcurdling cries.”

Multiple Jewish people walking on the block sprang into action, chasing away the attacker while others called 911 and Crown Heights Shomrim.

The assailant was cornered just a block away at a building Empire Blvd and Troy Ave. Shomrim arrived soon after, keeping the assailant on scene for the police and rendering aid to the victim until Hatzalah arrived.

As Hatzalah treated the victim for injuries to her head, Shomrim assisted the police in identifying the assailant and gaining access to camera footage.

The assailant was arrested by the police after admitting to the act, and is being charged with robbery.