Neo-Nazis disrupt tours at Buchenwald memorial

Weimar - Neo-Nazis have made unsolicited visits at a former Nazi concentration camp in central Germany, according to historian and Buchenwald memorial director Volkhard Knigge.

Knigge told German Neue Westfälische newspaper on Thursday that right-wing extremists were carrying out "targeted and preplanned disruptions of tours" of the former death camp.

"We increasingly find messages in the guest book claiming that Nazism and the concentration camps were sensible and good for the Germans," Knigge said.

The memorial director said neo-Nazis would sneak into tour groups to question facts and figures or deny that the Holocaust happened.

Knigge also said such disruptions were often filmed so that the extremists could post the videos online in an effort to boost their reputation within neo-Nazi circles.

By the end of the war, more than 56,000 were killed at the Buchenwald concentration camp, just outside of Weimar. Many lost their lives as the result of torture, medical experiments, disease and starvation.

Source: dw