Neo Nazi’s from Virginia arrested for harassing Jews, African Americans

Alexandria, VA - A Virginia man was charged in connection with a “swatting” ring that targeted people who are Jewish and African American. The U.S. Justice Department charged the former college student with calling in fake emergencies to prompt law enforcement responses, in coordination with a group the FBI labeled as sympathetic to neo-Nazi ideology.

News outlets reported John William Kirby Kelley, 19, was charged with conspiracy to make threats.

An FBI affidavit unsealed Friday, Jan. 10 accused him of being part of a network that “shared racist views” and targeted victims in so-called swatting attacks coordinated in online chatrooms.

Prosecutors said he reported a fake bomb threat at Old Dominion University and was linked to a similar call at a historically black Virginia church. 

John William Kirby Kelley is one of three Neo Nazis affiliated with the hate group Atomwaffen that has been recently arrested. In June, Brian Baynes of Maryland was arrested on a weapons charge and in September, federal authorities arrested Andrew Thomasberg also of Virginia, a man whom Baynes had been chatting with in some of those conversations; he was brought up on the same type of weapons charge as Baynes.