Residents sing 'Bella Ciao' to protest antisemitic graffiti in Mondovi

Local residents sang the anti-fascist 'Bella Ciao' folk song in Mondovi on Friday night outside a home in the town that had been subjected to an antisemitic graffiti attack. The demonstrators held torches and candles during the demonstration. 

The inscription was daubed the previous night on the door of the home of a now-deceased Nazi camp survivor in the northern Italian town. 

"Juden Hier" (German for "Jews Here") was written with black paint on the door of the home where Italian anti-fascist resistance member and Nazi camp survivor Lidia Beccaria Rolfi lived until she died in 1996. 

Her son, Aldo Rolfi, who now lives there, reported the inscription to the police. He addressed the protesters on Friday night, saying, "we must not be indifferent, but the blame for all this, in my opinion, is also given to the harsh tones that at all levels of the ascending politicians, are being used in these times, in these years in Italy.” 

Lidia Beccaria Rolfi, Rolfi's mother, was born in 1925 in the northern Piedmont region, and joined the anti-Nazi-fascist resistance in 1943. She was deported in June 1944 to the Ravensbrueck concentration camp in northern Germany as a political prisoner, and was liberated in May 1945. 

Increasingly brazen anti-Semitic and racist attitudes have been observed in Italy over the past few months, including death threats against 89-year-old Auschwitz survivor Liliana Segre, who has had to be given a police escort. 

Source: ruptly