20% of German university academics reject Israel’s existence

A new study showed that an entire 20% of German academics want the right on college and university campuses to reject Israel’s existence as part of free speech.

According to the study, which was reported in German media on Tuesday, 27% of professors and lecturers also want to be allowed to reject Islam as part of academic freedom. The think tank of the Christian Democratic Union party, the Kondrad Adenauer Foundation, commissioned the Instituts für Demoskopie Allensbach to survey 1,106 academics about free speech within the university and college setting.

Sigmount Königsberg, the representative to combat antisemitism for Germany's largest Jewish community in Berlin, tweeted in connection with the study: "And then you wonder that at Humboldt an antisemitic event takes place under the guise of ‘freedom of science.'"
The release of the Adenauer study comes amid an alleged antisemitism scandal at the Berlin-based Humboldt University. The president of the university, Dr. Sabine Kunst, permitted an alleged antisemitic professor to deliver a talk on Wednesday. The anti-Israel academic Georg Meggle promotes the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel. Last year, the Bundestag classified BDS as antisemitic.

Humboldt students urged the university not to allow the event to take place, classifying it as antisemitic.

Kunst declined to issue a statement to The Jerusalem Post. Meggle did not respond to a Post press query.

In 2017, a German government study revealed that nearly 33 million Germans, 40% of the population of 82 million, are infected with "contemporary antisemitism" – hatred of the Jewish state.

The report said in a section titled “Agreement to Israel-related antisemitism” that 40% of Germans who were polled showed approval for the following statement: “Based on Israel’s policies, I can understand people having something against the Jews.”

Source: Jpost