Analysis of antisemitism in France

by Dominique Reynié, Simone Rodan-Benzaquen

The increase in antisemitic acts since the early 2000s raises questions about the extent to which this phenomenon exists in France. What is the proportion of French people of Jewish faith or culture who have been victims of an anti-Semitic act? What are these victims’ profiles? What is the overall feeling of French Jews regarding the prevalence and evolution of antisemitic acts? How does society as a whole view anti-Semitism in France?

The statistics published by the Ministry of the Interior cannot claim to provide exhaustive answers to these questions, as existing data are based primarily on filed complaints that are only the “tip of the iceberg”. In this context, the Fondation pour l’innovation politique and AJC have carried out a quantitative survey (administered by Ifop) which aims to make an acute and objective analysis of this phenomenon. The survey is based on the overlapping perspectives of French people of Jewish faith or culture (a sample of 505 people was selected) and the general public (a sample of 1,027 people was selected). The survey provides new quantitative data on this phenomenon. Here are the main findings.

All data available as open data on

Source: fondapol