Antisemitic phrases and swastikas on the walls of abandoned buildings and underpasses in Assisi

Assisi - The walls of the abandoned buildings of the Municipality of Assisi become an open-air mural for teenagers drawing swastikas and other antisemitic symbols and phrases.

There are at least three documented cases: in Capodacqua of Assisi in an abandoned building in via Cannella (where you can see a swastika and the word Duce), in the Rivotorto area and in the area of the green path between Assisi and Bastia Umbra (and specifically , Assisi side ).

This is the most serious case, given that if elsewhere one can always hope for ignorance of what is being written, the wall of this building (which should be in the 'assisana' part of the green path) seems to be a real one ' hymn to racist racism . With a whole repertoire of antisemitic textbooks.

Among the writings that appear on the wall, "Jews at the stake, Jews out" (Ebrei al rogo, juden raus”), stars of David, swastikas (even poorly drawn), "Death Jehovah" ("Morte Geova”) , "Himmler hero" (“Himmler eroe”) and other such things.

Source: tuttoggi