Antisemitic writing in front of the Pascal high school in Pomezia

Pomezia - A very bad surprise this morning in front of a school in Pomezia : at the entrance of the Liceo Pascal the antisemitic writing « Trample the Jew » was made.

Thus, at the sound of the bell, the students who populate the Pometino Higher School were welcomed, most of whom said they were strongly disdained for what had happened. It is the first time, apparently, that such a thing has happened in the city. The writing would have been made in the night.

The opposition councilor Stefano Mengozzi gave the news : «They arrived in front of the schools, with a systematic action, to mark their anti-Semitic violence. This morning the ignoble inscription 'Trample the Jew' appeared in front of the Liceo Pascal in Pomezia, complete with a neo-fascist signature and Celtic cross. They wanted to target the students and associations that are fighting to cultivate the value of memory against the tragedy of the Shoah . The racismit has become an emergency, now it is up to all of us to take a piece of responsibility. To parties, to institutions: to support these young people, to give strength to the commitment of those who fight against denial. Because, let us remember, these cowards deeply offend all citizens and the whole country ".

Even the mayor Adriano ZuccalĂ  commented with harsh words what happened: «A very serious act that I condemn on behalf of the whole municipal administration. A few days after the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and today when another school, the Brodolini Institute, organizes a meeting that sees Gabriele Sonnino as a guest , witness of that dark page of our history, I am sorry and indignant at how much It happened. This pushes us to work even more with the schools to transmit to the new generations a collective memory that is the message of who was there and the living memory of a community that defends human rights ".

The mayor, announcing that the operators of the municipality are already working to clean up the havoc, concluded: "I hope we can shed light on the authors of this vile gesture as soon as possible".

Source: latinaoggi