Antisemitic writings outside the high schools of Pomezia

Pomezia - Antisemitic writings also appeared on the external fence of the Largo Brodolini institute in Pomezia, where today the visit of Gabriele Sonnino, witness of the Shoah, is scheduled. The graffiti reads: "Anne Frank burns" (Anna Frank brucia)

Serious antisemitic act in Pomezia tonight, made even more ignoble because done in front of a school. This morning the students of the Pascal high school found an inscription made with black paint in front of the entrance gate of the institute, with an unequivocal content and - to avoid misunderstandings ... - accompanied by a six-pointed star.

The carabinieri were called to investigate the case and to cancel the writing. Apparently, the cameras installed outside the school may have taken frames useful to identify those responsible.

Source: ilcaffe