2019 Annual report on antisemitism in Italy

There is an increase in episodes of antisemitism in Italy from 2018 to 2019 and must be analyzed taking into consideration different factors, from social malaise to economic distress. The annual report on antisemitism in Italy 2019 explains it in depth curated by the Antisemitism Observatory of the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center in Milan.

In the last year in Italy there has been a 70% increase in cases of antisemitism: from 197 in 2018, to 251 registered in 2019, of which 173 to be attributed to the world of the web. The antisemitism observatory of the Cdec foundation, which since the late ’60s every year records the reports received from users through a hot line, analyzes the web and mass media, and collaborates with the Oscar, the police body that deals with discrimination.

“Far-right antisemitism has always been there, and today it is perhaps back because it is inspired from the general climate. But there has always been that linked to the radical left – which shows itself more to us with defamation and verbal attacks online – and to fundamentalist Islam, which however is not present in Italy “, explains sociologist Stefano Gatti, a researcher at the Cdec Observatory. “The relative novelty instead is the conspiracy and conspiracy galaxy. This is quite interesting because the supporting structure of the antisemitism in Italy it is conspiracy, with the various myths of the conspiracy attached. The rhetoric of the conspiracy, of the Judeo-Bolshevism, arises from reactionary circles but in the last twenty years, with the development of social platforms, the themes of conspirativism have spread and have lost precise boundaries. Think of how many politicians today refer to conspiracy theories “. In addition, “the spread of social networks feeds ignorance on certain issues, such as the denial of the Shoah.”

For the sociologist, again, “Hatred against Jews is the most ancient and deep-rooted. Which thrives all the more in a climate, like the present one, of customs clearance of hatred in all its forms.

So, together with the swastika against the ‘joy’ unfortunately we record the violent beating of a black boy in Palermo. Antisemitism is also the ‘canary in the mine’ of the most difficult historical periods, when the economic crisis has claimed victims and increases the level of anger. In this climate of general hatred, the prejudice of the Jewish banker who makes countries fail “returns.”

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