BDS South Africa posts antisemitic cartoon in response to peace plan

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) has slammed the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement in South Africa (BDS SA) “for using political events to demonize and incite hatred” against Jews.

Last week, BDS SA posted a cartoon on their Facebook page in response to US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” announcement.

The cartoon depicts the plan as a piece of Swiss cheese with Israelis, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, drawn with rat-like facial features. Several also have noticeable rat tails as they “chomp” through the cheese, while other caricatures, wearing kippot, also have large noses.

All stereotypical features and antisemitic tropes of how Jews were depicted as vermin by the Nazi’s prior to and during the Holocaust.

A sign reading “Kosher Cheese” is also placed on the cheese, making the intentions about the cartoon clear.

The SAJBD said that this “clearly crosses the line between legitimate political comment and blatant incitement to hatred on the basis of religion.

“The label of ‘kosher cheese’ in the cartoon leaves no doubt that this cartoon targets Jewish people,” the SAJBD added in a statement over the weekend. “The stereotypical depiction of Jews as rats and therefore vermin that should be exterminated is a classical Nazi trope.”

The Jewish leaders said that “this kind of dehumanization has led to genocides in the past, such as the labeling of Tutsi people in Rwanda as ‘cockroaches.’

“The Jews, illustrated as rats, are further depicted with the traditionally antisemitic image of Jews with large, hooked noses,” they added.

Source: Jpost