Bizarre. Dutch Railways played a 'Jewish song'

 ANP Logo of the Dutch Railways (NS)
Tilburg - A train conductor of the Dutch Railways (NS) played a 'Jewish song' on Saturday night in a train with passengers who came back from the carnival in Tilburg.

A displeased traveler reported the incident to the NS via Twitter: "'Where do those Jews come from' about the NS intercom. I hope you are proud, NS. ”

The Dutch Railways apologize for the song that the train staff heard about the intercom of a night train. The text read: “Where do Jews come from? Israel, far away. Do Superjews also live there? Yes, super Jews live there. Do Jews like football? As long as they are for Ajax! ”

According to the Railways, there were enthusiastic colleagues who wanted to adapt the broadcaster to travelers who were on the night train from Tilburg at that time during the carnival. “We understand that they have played a pro-Ajax football song. Let it be clear: we find this completely inappropriate. There must be no uncertainty about this. NS is a diverse company, we also want to radiate that. We don't apologize for that, we apologize for that, ”says a spokeswoman after reporting about the incident in the AD.

The Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) calls the conduct of the conductors “painful and too stupid to say that this must be done in a train from NS. We cannot accept this. "

Source: nl.metrotime