Drunk man attacks synagogue in Vinnytsia, central Ukraine

VinnytsiaA man broke into the synagogue on Hrushevskogo street in Vinnytsia, central Ukraine, on February 25, the man was shouting “Beat up the Yids". Eduard Dolinsky, the Director of Ukraine's Jewish Committee, reported that on his Facebook page.

"The man attacked Igor Braverman, a famous journalist and a member of the community, trying to strangle him, wrang his hands, spit upon the portrait of Hafetz Haim and crushed it.

The police arrived in twenty minutes... and released the attacker. While the police were coming, the drunk man was scoffing and mocking. The ambulance took Braverman to the hospital.

It is also reported that the attacker, born in 1978 in a village in Yampilsky district, is 1.90m high.

Later it was reported the Minister of the Interior set the case of the attack on the synagogue in Vinnytsia under his personal control. The criminal case initiated qualifies the offense as a violation of equality of citizens on racial and national identity or religious beliefs and falls under Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Source: Eduard Dolinsky