Antisemitic graffiti on a Frankfurt local restaurant

Frankfurt - Nir Rosenfeld's "Zeil Kitchen" restaurant is actually a place of delight for the restaurateurs. He has been the owner of the restaurant in the middle of the Zeil at the Konstablerwache in Frankfurt since 2010. But now his employees discovered a Nazi smear shop in the toilet of the restaurant. There is a swastika, between the upper left and lower right arms two figures of eight are also painted. "88" stands for the eighth letter in the alphabet, "HH" is the abbreviation for "Heil Hitler" in the Nazi community. But that's not all.

To the right of the Nazi smear shop is the Star of David, which has been crossed out. It is clear that this is not an outrageous joke by young people, because Nir Rosenfeld himself is a Jew. "I believe that this is a targeted attack because it is now known that the restaurant is run by me and therefore has a Jewish owner," the 49-year-old told our editorial team.