Graves destroyed and daubed at the Jewish cemetery in Dordrecht

Dordrecht - Jewish organizations commemorate the desecration of graves in a Jewish cemetery in Dordrecht over the weekend that anti-Semitism is not dead in the Netherlands.

The graves were littered with color and Nazi symbols just a few days after the Auschwitz concentration group was liberated.

Chris den Hoedt, spokesman for the Jewish community in Rotterdam, told local television station Rijnmond that the timing of the attack “is anti-Semitism no matter how often you remember and look back”.

In a joint statement, the Dutch-Israeli parish NIK, which owns the cemetery, and the Jewish community of Rotterdam stated that the “attack on the dead is an attack on memory, respect and human dignity.

The sheer determination of the perpetrators shows that this is not a “simple” act of vandalism. It speaks of hatred against the Jewish community. “

The Mayor of Dordrecht, Wouter Kolff, has asked witnesses to report to the police.

Source: rijnmond