Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes banned from YouTube

Nick Fuentes
White nationalist, Holocaust denier and leader of the "Groypers" (a group of white nationalist conservatives who yell at regular conservatives for not being racist enough) Nick Fuentes woke up yesterday morning to find that his YouTube teevee show, "America First with Nicholas J Fuentes," had been banned from the platform for hate speech. While it is not currently known exactly which instance of hate speech it was that got him banned, it is safe to say that it was probably pretty terrible, and probably something terrible about Jewish people or Muslims as that tends to be his M.O.

As you may or may not have blocked out, Fuentes was in the news briefly in November of last year after fellow professional hatemonger Michelle Malkin was fired from the conservative speaker's bureau "Young America's Foundation" for her support of Fuentes, on account of how he's a Holocaust denier. Also because he kept heckling fellow right-wingers like Donald Trump Jr., Charlie Kirk, and Ben Shapiro at a Turning Point USA event for not being fascist enough.

Anyway! Fuentes's channel was already demonetized last month, because of the hate speech, and he got his "second strike" on Monday of this week, according to his Twitter feed. He is now blaming some sort of coalition of leftists, what he calls "Conservative Inc" (people like Shapiro, Kirk, etc.) gatekeepers, and "silicon valley censors" that conspired to take down his YouTube channel for hate speech, just because he was doing a lot of hate speech.
Source: wonkette