Jewish woman assaulted - robber mocked her religion

Nybro - Ilana Edner, a Jewish woman in her 60s was assaulted by three men today at 4.30 pm after withdrawing money in Nybro. They stole her necklace, which has a religious symbol, and expressed condescension about the woman's religion.

Ilana wrote on her Faebook page: “I was really in a hurry and no time to talk on the phone, but I saw that it was a call from an Israeli friend. So, I answered.

She screamed in the handset. 'You have no idea what happened to me now..just right now ... it's not wise. I'm still shaking! 

Before I could ask what had happened, she started telling me: 

'I'm in Nybro to shop and just when I had parked the car, someone jumped at me from behind. I turned around and saw three guys. Two had a beard, one had a cap on '.

"Were there any you knew?" I asked.

"No," she replied, "I've never seen them before. They just jumped at me. They started screaming at me:

"Fucking Jewess" and "You, Jews, think you are strong" and then they said something about Israel and a lot of things in Arabic. They called me: 'Sharmuta' (whore in Arabic). 

The men are suspected of attempted robbery and hate crimes.