Lithuanian prosecutor's office investigates antisemitic incident in the the Seimas

Faina Kuklanski
Faina Kuklanski
The Lithuanian prosecutor’s office began a pree-trial investigation into the case of insulting the chairman of the Jewish community (Litvaks) Faina Kuklanski in parliament. 

The incident occurred on January 13 at celebrations in honor of the Day of Defenders of Freedom in the Seimas (The unicameral parliament of Lithuania). According to Kuklanski, a stranger addressed her with the words: “Stop dirty Lithuania! You are a Jew, and you have no place here. " A few days later, Kuklanski asked Parliament Speaker Viktoras Prantzketis to help identify the antisemite.

The head of the Seimas passed the information to the police. According to Lithuanian media, initially the police refused to open an investigation on the grounds that “there was no evidence that anyone intentionally seeks to promote hatred against Jews.” Later, the Lithuanian prosecutor’s office reversed the decision of the police and decided to start an investigation. Kuklanski connects the activation of law enforcement with the intervention of the Lithuanian media, which published an article about the incident at the beginning of the week.

“I want to know who this person is, and so that other people will know about him. My goal is not to put a person in jail, but such statements are unacceptable. What matters is how the state fights against hate crimes, ”Kuklansky told the BNS news agency.

Source: jewish