Man shouts antisemitic comments inside Northeast Philadelphia kosher market

Philadelphia, PA - Authorities are searching for a man who shouted antisemitic comments inside a kosher market in Northeast Philadelphia, according to sources. 

Customers at a busy shopping center off Bustleton Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia were concerned Thursday night over reports of bizarre behavior by a man after he entered a popular kosher market.

Sources say it started when a tractor-trailer driver parked in the lot for an extended period of time. At some point, law enforcement sources say the man got out of the truck, entered the House of Kosher gourmet market and began shouting antisemitic comments.

According to sources, surveillance cameras captured video of the man as he quickly left the store, got into the 18-wheeler and drove off. A witness was able to get a tag number.

The incident raised concerns because it occurred less than two months after a violent ambush at a Jersey City kosher market that left six people dead, including the gunman and a police officer.

Police say security at area synagogues has been increased since the Jersey City market murders. The incident has rekindled concerns in this community as the search for the man in the tractor-trailer continues.

No one was injured in this incident. Philadelphia police refused to comment Thursday as did the manager of the kosher market. Sources say federal agents and police are trying to locate the tractor-trailer and the driver so they can speak with him about this incident.

Source: fox29