Member of Parliament in Ireland: “Monkeys Israelis, Hitler was a Pioneer of Jewish Banks”

Dublin - Rida Cronin, a Member of Parliament in Ireland, called Israeli diplomats “monkeys,” claiming the institution overthrew Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, saying Hitler was a “pawn” of Jewish banks. Cronin is a member of the Sinn Fein party, which won the second highest number of votes in the parliamentary elections in Ireland. Israel is concerned that the party will be an integral part of a future coalition and will promote boycotts against Israel. 

Coalition contacts are currently underway in Ireland, and if the Sinn Fein party forms the government, Ireland is expected to radicalize its positions against Israel and promote boycott initiatives against Israeli products. These initiatives have already passed Parliament in Dublin, but have so far been blocked by the government. Political officials in Israel say that if the party is part of the coalition in Ireland, both countries will be on a frontal clash path. Ireland, it should be noted, is also considered one of the countries that host Israel in Europe. 

The Sinn Fein Party, chaired by Marie Lou McDonald, is known for its stance on Israel, but the Cronin MP is the most extreme of all. In 2014, she commented on Twitter about a photo of monkeys sitting in an office near computers, writing: “I thought it was the Israeli embassy in Ireland.” 

Cronin also claimed that Israel had raised Nazism to a new level following the “genocide” it is carrying out in Gaza. She also blamed the Israeli institution for interfering in the UK election, which it claimed led to the defeat of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

Aside from the cases described, Cronin also distributes real antisemitic content. For example, she shared content that the Nazi poet Adolf Hitler was a “pawn” of Jewish banks. Cronin also previously claimed that World War II was funded and organized by banks owned by Jewish families. The idea that Jewish banks secretly rule the world is part of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, most notably the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which were a significant part of Nazi propaganda against Jews. 

Cronin frequently attacks Israel, saying recently that “all decent people agree that Israel is a terrorist state.” Cronin also called for a boycott of Israeli products, accusing her of “spitting” on her ancestral heritage and committing genocide in Gaza. 

After media outlets in Ireland reported the harsh statements, Cronin deleted her Twitter account which had 125,000 followers. The 46-year-old Cronin, who was recently elected to parliament for Northern Kildare County, said after posting remarks she “unreservedly apologizes” for the tweets, stating her words were recklessly and “cuffed.” She added: “Some old tweets, most before I joined politics, got my attention. I never intended to offend anyone. I despise racism and blasphemy of any kind.” At this point, it appears that she will not be ousted from the party. 

Source:  israelhayom