New report on online antisemitism published

In another focus research on antisemitism online , antisemitic statements on high-reach offers were examined, especially on youth-friendly platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. As part of the research, almost 5,000 profiles, articles and videos as well as approximately 100,000 comments were evaluated. A key finding: antisemitism is not a marginal phenomenon, but almost ubiquitous. Conspiracy theories are reproduced as well as anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The risk that children and young people are confronted with such content is correspondingly high. It is therefore necessary to have a clear approach against antisemitism by the providers as well as education and prevention in order to develop options for action and to strengthen digital engagement.
The current research follows on from the report: Antisemitism online (Antisemitismus online 2.0).

Source: jugendschutz