Roger Waters' concert ads dropped by MLB after outcry from Jewish group

The ex-Pink Floyd front man has repeatedly been targeted for his political views. In 2018, Jewish institutions in Argentina launched a petition calling on authorities and citizens in other Latin American countries to boycott the musician’s concerts.

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has had his concert ads dropped by US Major League Baseball (MLB) following an outcry from a Jewish group. B’nai B’rith International protested against promotion of the artist’s latest concert tour "This is Not a Drill" during MLB’s games, accusing Waters of antisemitism.

The group sent a letter to MLB saying his political views "far exceed the boundaries of a civil discourse".
In the letter B’nai B’rith specifically noted Waters’s continuous support for the movement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), a non-profit activist organisation that promotes various forms of boycotts against Israel until the country meets its obligations under international law, ending what it calls the occupation of Palestinian lands and dismantling the West Bank barrier.

In response, MLB dropped commercials promoting the musician’s latest tour and said "there are no plans to schedule more ads".

The artist has not responded for a comment.

Source: sputniknews