Swastika and ticket with antisemitic inscription at the Toy Museum of Bagheria

Bagheria - A swastika on the mailbox and inside a note with the inscription 'Jüdische Scheiße' (Jewish shit). It happened at the Toy Museum of Bagheria (Palermo), just under a week ago. The fact was immediately reported to the police and Uigos (General Investigations and Special Operations Office) and the scientific are investigating to trace the authors of the gesture. 

According to the director of the museum, Pietro Piraino Papoff, it would be the gesture of some stupid waste of time. The professor, who does not belong to the Jewish religion, had recently participated in the presentation of a book on the history of the Jews of Sicily, an event organized by the Municipality in memory of the Shoah. On that occasion the professor had brought with him a toy gun made of wood, barbed wire and a gun case from a Jew deported to the concentration camp of Mathausen. The gun had been given to Pirainus for his toy museum by a clochard in Paris, a relative of the Jew who died in Mathausen's gas chamber. 

Source: blogsicilia