The city of Munich report: neo-Nazis and antisemites increasingly aggressive

The city sounds the alarm: Right-wing extremists and antisemites are becoming increasingly aggressive!

BILD has published the current annual report of the “Municipal Network against Right-Wing Extremism, Racism, Antisemitism, Radicalization and Group-related Enmity”.

► In 2019 there was "a worrying increase in openly right-wing extremist, racist, antisemitic, anti-LGBTIQ * and other misanthropic and criminal acts in the urban area". Reasons: "Brutalization of discourses on the net, in public space and also in the area of ​​political debate".

►  Right-wing extremist groups such as "Pegida" and the "Citizens' Movement Pax Europe" (Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa) portrayed Islam as "fascist ideology in the guise of a religion". To "exclude Muslims on the basis of their religious affiliation".

► Right-wing extremist groups / parties such as “Wodan's heirs” (Wodans Erben) or “The third Path” (Der III. Weg) represented Munich as unsafe. Munich is "still the safest city in Germany".

►Right-wing extremists became increasingly aggressive: filmed counter-demonstrators and posted their photos on the Internet. "Officials are also increasingly exposed to attempts at intimidation from this side."

► At schools there was a strong "increase in racist, antisemitic and other misanthropic incidents" - especially "in WhatsApp class chats".

The city wants to strengthen the network. In 2020 it will receive 330,000 euros more for Fighting extremism

Source: Bild