The Left Party in Kristianstad publishes antisemitic theories on the local website

Kristianstad - Whoever enters the Left Party website in Kristianstad is met by a large number of posts. It deals with both domestic and foreign policy and is directly under the party name, calendar and contact details.

When you click in and read the text you see that all posts are signed by Rolf Nilsson, who also stands as page manager.

"Are there millions of young people and students who all contribute a hundred or is it a Jewish businessman and billionaire ," Rolf Nilsson writes in one of the posts.

Rolf Nilsson's post is the first to meet the visitor on the Left Party Kristianstad's website.

In two posts, he questions reporting and actions around the corona virus and wonders if it is "an inflated danger".

“This infection, like previous SARS, seems to particularly affect Asians. Then, of course, the question arises whether this is something that has been created in laboratories, ” writes Rolf Nilsson on the Left Party's website.

Liberal Fredrik Malm has challenged the publications on Twitter.

"What the hell is going on completely on the Left Party website?", He asks, among other things.
Following Malm's speech, Jonas Lundgren, group leader of the Left Party Lidingö, went out and promised that he would address the problem. He has also done so - by sending an e-mail to the group leader in Kristianstad.

- The harm, of course, is that these are claims that are far from the world view of the Left Party. Also, if you are barring anti-Semitic myths, it is really bad, he says.
Karin Feldt, chairman: "Does not stand behind"

Jonas Lundgren is very critical that his posts are on Kristianstad's homepage. 

- If you have a private blog, you can write as you like. But as a representative of the Left Party, one cannot express oneself like this. Now I believe in itself that it is a peripheral person, says Jonas Lundgren.

- There is absolutely nothing that we in the party stand behind. It has nothing to do with us.

But is that on your side?

- It does, but he's the one who posted it.

Following today's criticism, Karin Feldt has contacted Rolf Nilsson.

- I've talked to Rolf and he's going to pick it off. We'll have to check it out. I can't answer when it gets.

Karin Feldt, chairman of the Left Party in Kristianstad, does not agree with the posts on the website.

Posts signed by Rolf Nilsson have created debate before, she says. Nevertheless, they remain.

- We have discussed it before. Rolf thinks his name is beneath. But we will discuss it, says Karin Feldt.

Rolf Nilsson joined V three years ago and has no more assignments than being the site manager for the website. 

"These are my personal views, which I hope the Left Party will support," he says.

Do you really think V agrees to spread anti-Semitic myths?

- This is interesting because in the United States there are many Jewish organizations that act as lobbying organizations. The relationship between the United States and Israel is close;

Your critics think it is harmful for V to spread anti-Semitic myths.

- I don't agree with that. It is not an "anti-Semitic myth". Anti-Semitism and anti-Semitism are not the same thing.

You also claim that the corona virus is part of biological warfare.

- I don't say that, I put a question mark. It's nothing strange. 

- I do not agree that it is biological warfare. I ask if that could be it.

Under the tab "about our website" Rolf Nilsson writes that he is behind the posts.

- I assume you read it too. It would be on the first page, but I didn't make it work. I'm not an expert, he says.
Hanna Gedin, Deputy Party Secretary in the Left Party, responds strongly to the contributions from Kristianstad.

“Of course, it is not acceptable that the Left Party's local website is used to express that kind of opinions, and I have also communicated this to the chairman of the party association tonight, when I became aware of what had happened. The Board acts and now ensures that the posts are picked down and that the page continues to reflect the party's views, ”she writes in an email.

After this article is published, Karin Feldt, chairman of the Left Party Kristianstad, returns with a statement.

“We on the board have been late on the issue but after you raised this we have now acted in question and agreed with Rolf Nilsson that he should have nothing to do with the website. The content of most of the items is totally unacceptable and nothing that the Left Party stands for. The board will take its responsibility, take control of the page and remove the posts as soon as technically possible , "she writes in a text message.

Source: expressen