2019 Annual report on antisemitism in France

Ministry of Interior and SPCJ published the 2019 Report on Antisemitism in France.

Here are the main trends:

French Jews, who represent less than 1% of the total population, faced more than 41% of all racist Acts committed in France in 2019.

The number of Antisemitic Acts recorded in France is significantly lower than the actual figures because of: 
HABITUATION = Antisemitism is now so entrenched in daily life and has become so violent that victims of such acts are somehow resigned and show a kind of habituation. Many of them do not file a police report. 

FEAR = Numerous victims of Antisemitic Acts declare that they do not file a police report for fear of retaliation. 

MISTRUST = Numerous victims of Antisemitic Acts do not believe that an investigation or a criminal charge will result in a successful conclusion. 

INTERNET = Threats only include a few incidents observed on the Internet, but not the fully-fledged Antisemitic activity that is propagated online. The vast majority of Antisemitic speech and propaganda has moved to the Internet in recent years. 

Source: SPCJ