Antisemitic graffiti sprayed on East Kilbride underpass

Locals were outraged at the graffiti daubed on the underpass by mindless vandals (Image: EKN)
Graffiti daubed on the underpass by mindless vandals 
(Image: EKN)
East Kilbride, Glasgow - Mindless vandals have daubed racist and anti-Semitic graffiti on two underpasses near to a local church.

The Westwood Road tunnels near Our Lady of Lourdes were vandalised with Nazi imagery depicting swastikas, as well as an offensive drawing resembling a Ku Klux Klan member spouting hateful abuse towards Jews.

Churchgoers heading to morning worship last Sunday were met with the slogan ‘Gas yer Jewish maw’.

The East Kilbride News understands the offensive slogans had been spray painted by the morons responsible one week before the authorities were alerted.

Source: daily record