French far-right local election candidate posts antisemitic video

Villepinte, Paris - Alain Mondino, head of the far-right RN list in municipal elections in the Paris suburb of Villepinte posted a video on social media linking Jews to the spread of the Coronavirus.

The video, titled “Corona virus for Goy”, espouses a theory that the virus was “put in place by Jews” in order to “assert their supremacy”.

Mondino said he had “found the title so stupid that I clicked”. He denied sharing it, saying he had only liked it.

Alain Mondino (Facebook)
Alain Mondino (Facebook)
Mondino heads one of the two heads of the Rassemblement National list in the Seine Saint-Denis department in the capital’s north-eastern suburbs.

The post was passed on through Twitter but actually originated on Vkontakte, a Russian social network, which Mondino himself praised for its “greater freedom of expression” than Facebook or Twitter.