Massive increase in right-wing crimes in Austria

Image: Reuters
As an answer from the Ministry of the Interior to the SPÖ spokeswoman for memory culture, Sabine Schatz, shows, there is an urgent need for action against right-wing extremism. While, according to the answer to the query, racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic crimes across Austria decreased in 2019 compared to the previous year, there has been a further increase in right-wing extremist crimes from 732 in 2018 to 797 in 2019. " the abuses and crimes are male, ”said Schatz, who sees the minister for women, the minister of the interior and the minister of justice in this connection.

The SPÖ deputy described the massive increase in advertisements under the Prohibition Act in 2019 as alarming. While 877 such advertisements were made in 2018, there were 1,037 in 2019. "Overall, the numbers are frightening and show the clear need for action," says Schatz and calls on the black and green federal government to implement the reintroduction of the right-wing extremism report announced in the government program as quickly as possible and to urgently increase BAT staff.

"The negative front-runner is still the state of Upper Austria, where extreme right-wing crimes increased from 152 in 2018 to 187 in 2019." The state of Upper Austria also showed an increase of 185 (2018) in reports under the Prohibition Act 236 (2019) as the state with the most advertisements. Treasurer takes on Stelzer Governor. “We brought an 11-point action plan into the discussion in Upper Austria. The demands are on the table. It is time for the black and blue government to finally take action and actively implement measures against right-wing extremism. "

“It must finally be over with the downplaying of right-wing extremism in Austria. Right-wing extremism is dangerous and kills, as the right-wing terrorist attack in Hanau, where 11 people were killed, has recently shown, ”concluded Schatz.

Source: ots