Minor parking dispute allegedly escalates into antisemitic assault

Image courtesy of Google Street View
Stamford Hill, London - A minor parking dispute escalated into an alleged antisemitic assault in Stamford Hill.

The victim, a shopkeeper, tried to drive into St Andrew’s Mews from Dunsmere Road, where he has private parking for his shop. He found the route blocked, however, as a grey car was parked in the driveway obstructing the gates, thereby blocking access.

The driver, reported to be a white male, was seen walking away from the parked car to visit the supermarket.

The victim therefore parked his own car in front of the other car in order to attend to his shop.

The other driver then returned and, finding his vehicle now blocked, entered the victim’s shop to demand that the victim move his vehicle immediately so that he could drive away.

The victim said that he kindly asked the driver: “Can you please wait two minutes until I finish serving a customer?”

The driver then allegedly pushed the victim and said: “Move your car right now, I will kill you, you Fucking Jew, I will smash up your shop and your car.”

The victim was left in shock and traumatised by the incident, which took place on 28th February and was reported to the police by Stamford Hill Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol.

Source: CAA