Near Saint-Brieuc, a swastika and a Star of David was engraved on his door

A swastika and a Star of David have been engraved on Michaël Cornu's door. Côtes-d'Armor Habitat believes that it is up to them to have these inscriptions deleted. (© Le Penthièvre)
A swastika and a Star of David have been engraved on Michaël Cornu's door.
 Côtes-d'Armor Habitat believes that it is up to them to have these inscriptions deleted.
 (© Le Penthièvre)
Saint-Brieuc - Michaël Cornu, 47, has lived in the Iroise district of Ploufragan ( Côtes-d'Armor ), near Saint-Brieuc , for 7 years. He claims to be the victim of antisemitism or, at the very least, a hidden form of racism . He is told that these are neighborhood conflicts .

A native of the Jura, Michaël Cornu did a lot of work before arriving in Côtes-d'Armor, after having lived in Lorraine and even a time in the United States. IT developer, he has lived for several years in Ploufragan where he wanted to start a family. His son Clément and the boy's mother live in an apartment close to the one he occupies.

The quality of life often praised by Brittany suited him like a glove until an evening in June 2018 which went very wrong.

Party people on the ground floor complained that my dog ​​peed out of the window into the glass of one of them. The five of them came to my house, beat me and threatened me with a knife. My son has witnessed and still has nightmares.

Michaël Cornu (© Le Penthièvre)
Michaël Cornu (© Le Penthièvre)
Result : ten days of ITT and psychological follow-up. A complaint has been made. Things could have ended there, but since then, "weird things have appeared. Small sentences in the back like: "It is indeed a car of the Jew" ... It is silly, I drive in a German car. I found garbage outside my door, stars of David painted red on my mailbox and on the steps, which I erased. And then a swastika and a Star of David engraved on my door. "

Michaël Cornu then turned to Côtes-d'Armor Habitat, manager of the HLM park. A conciliation meeting was organized during which he announced his intention to place a surveillance camera. "For nothing, except obscene gestures which I try not to pay attention to. "

What surprises him is that "almost nobody knew my religion. I have neither boasted about it nor ever complained. I am not wearing a kippah or showing the Israeli flag. I believe that we all have our religion but that we must keep it for ourselves, we must not impose it on others or say that it is better than that of others. "

So when his son asks him what the inscriptions on his door represent, Michaël kicks in touch. "But it works, it shows. The fact remains that these inscriptions have been there for a while.

I am told that everything related to the door is the responsibility of the tenant. Clearly, it is up to the victim to make the repairs!

Between Christmas and the New Year, new altercation. "I heard a youngster say:" I'm going to screw his BM ". As he seemed to have been drinking, I told him we would talk about it later. At the beginning of January, I go out with the dogs to take down the garbage cans, it was dark, he was with several of his friends, I told him never to touch my car. The timing was probably wrong. 

He approached, started beating me, I grabbed him with one hand. Another said, "Go get the gun!" ". Very quickly, I found myself with a gun in front of me. I saw and heard the shot go. I think it was loaded blank because he couldn't miss me from that distance…

Clement's mother attests to his statements. "I heard right:" get out, I'm going to sink you! ". Now, as soon as I hear a noise, I have the reflex of filming or recording. But then I got there too late and it was dark, ”she says.

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