A Molotov cocktail was thrown at a Kherson Jewish community

Photo: Police Department of Hepson Oblast
Kherson - Last night, at 2:45 am, two unknown youngsters approached the Grand Synagogue and JCC of Kherson, Ukraine, and attempted to set it on fire with a couple of Molotov cocktails. These immediately ignited, but were quickly extinguished without harming the interior of the building.

The community’s Rabbi Yosef Wolff informed the local police and security services who opened an investigation in an attempt to arrest the offenders. The entire event was caught on tape by the security cameras. “I see this as a very rare and unexpected event. I have served as Rabbi of this city for over two decades and have not experienced anything of this sort,” said Rabbi Wolff.

For the last few weeks, similar to dozens of other synagogues and Jewish community centers across Ukraine, the building has been closed for prayers and only operates as an emergency center, caring for the community’s needy and elderly members, especially before Passover. Most of the ongoing activities have moved online.

“On the eve of Passover, we delivered hundreds of Passover kits to each Jewish family in town so they could observe the Seder in the comfort of their home. In addition, we distributed hundreds of food packages and hot meals to the needy population and senior citizens unable to leave their homes,” the Rabbi adds. “We are grateful to the many young volunteers who helped us make this happen.”

Photo: Police Department of Hepson Oblast
Photo: Police Department of Hepson Oblast


Source: interfax