Antisemitic fliers 'With Jews You Lose' found in Montana

Livingston, MT (Facebook)
Livingston, MT - A number of Livingston residents said they awoke Wednesday morning to find antisemitic fliers posted outside their homes.

At least two variations of the fliers were reportedly found by Livingston residents, including one that states, “With Jews You Lose.” The flier also depicts a declining line graph that it says represents the “value of a $1 federal reserve note in 1913 dollars.”

The flier lists the website of a Priest River, Idaho, group known as “The Brother Nathanael Foundation,” which is identified as a “general hate” group by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

A second flier found Wednesday morning included a picture of President John F. Kennedy. The flier includes an antisemitic quote that it attributes to the former president, but the quote is listed as “false” by

It’s unknown whether the two fliers are related, but both were placed in front of Livingston homes and on vehicles before residents awoke Wednesday morning.