Antisemitic sticker with Covid 19 subway cover

Hamburg - An antisemitic sticker was discovered in a Hamburg subway wagon. The sticker compares state measures against COVID-19 sufferers with the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis
In a subway car between Barmbek and St. Pauli was wrong, two stickers were attached to the windows. One of the two stickers consisted of a yellow heart with the text "I  CORONA". The second one had the shape of a star of David in yellow color with the inscription "Coronavirus!!", and in the middle the symbol of biohazard .

The shape and color of one of the stickers thus openly plays on the so-called " Jewish star a compulsive license plate that Jews had to wear in the German Empire and the invaded and occupied areas from 1941 The use of the symbol leads to a down-slip the holocaust, and the users also stage themselves as victims of a mass crime. Similar symbolism are currently used in Facebook groups of the conspiracy ideological environment: here "conspiracy theorists", "Corona" and "Alternative Press" are stylized to a persecution group like Jews in Nazism.

Source: RIAS