Dusseldorf Jew is horrified: A strangers smear disgusting Nazi symbols in the hallway

Srulek Bines shows on his smartphone a photo of the huge swastika
that unknown people had smeared on the sidewalk in Düsseldorf.
Photo: Ingo Lammert
Dusseldorf - Srulek Bines (65) is a Jew. He hardly lives the religion himself, but his parents were inmates in the concentration camp.

And just in front of the former jockey's house, strangers first scribbled swastikas and stars of David on the sidewalk before they even smeared several Nazi symbols in his hallway!

It is actions that just horrify Srulek Bines: "I hope that this will finally stop and that racism will no longer exist."

Previously, he had to file a complaint against unknown persons for the first time in March. Then he could see a man with a black hood painting swastikas and a star of David on the asphalt, right at Stresemannplatz in front of his front door: “I couldn't recognize him. He was hooded. "

Photo: Ingo Lammert
State security even intervened here, but in the end there was no suspect. For this reason, the proceedings were discontinued. The city reacted quickly to the disgusting smearings and sent a sweeper. However, it took days for the symbols to fade completely.

Incredible: The next incident immediately followed in early April. This time in the hallway, which is often not locked. There the stairwell was painted with Nazi symbols, right up to the first floor, where the Bines family lives!

The procedure was the same again: the police and state security came again. Srulek Bines also wrote to the Jewish community. The property manager was asked to remove the illegal signs, but it took almost two weeks.

Photo: Ingo Lammert
Source: express