FvD youth ‘fascist’ and ‘antisemitic’ in app groups

Source: screenshot app group borrelvd
Within the JFVD, the youth movement of the Forum for Democracy, there is “right-wing radical thinking”. That letter sent members to the board. According to them, structural “fascist” and “anti-Semitic” statements are made in special app groups. The main board of FvD initiates an internal investigation into the matter. Ton F. van Dijk got hold of the apps and reports.

The concerned JFVD members express their dissatisfaction in an anonymous letter dated April 17. to the board of the JFVD as well as the national central board of the Forum for Democracy led by Thierry Baudet. The identity of a number of “whistleblowers” is up to date HP / De Tijd known. It is written:

“We are deeply concerned about JFVD members who may or may not openly support right-wing radical ideas. This not only concerns active members, but also members who have certain support or management positions and who are in close contact with the national board of the JFVD. These are expressions that correspond to authoritarian, fascist and / or National Socialist ideas, including anti-Semitism, homophobia and racist imperialism. ”

The letter concerns app groups of FvD members such as “Drinks DVD”, but also for example official Forum app group “Hub Zuid-Holland”.

Anne Frank Source: App group members JFVD Source: Official FvD app group “Hub Zuid-Holland”

According to the letter writers, the app groups of JFVD members are “glorifying” terrorists such as Anders Breivik (Utøya, 69 dead) and Brenton Tarrant (Christchurch, 51 dead), both responsible for horrific, politically motivated attacks. The concerned members: “This is not about irony. It is disgusting and unacceptable. ”

Breivik and Tarrant Source: App group members JFvD

According to the letter writers, there is a direct link between the supporters of the extreme right-wing ideas and the leadership of the Forum for Democracy: “The right-wing extremist statements were mainly made in unofficial group apps, but there is an irrefutable link between the FvD. , because the statements are made by FvD / JFVD members, including members with board positions. The evidence is recorded and included in the Internal Public Discussion Note. ”

Source: App group members JFVD
Source: App group members JFVD

The internal note containing the offending apps is also in possession of HP / De Tijd and contains more than 80 pages with mainly texts from the app group called “Drinks DVD”. Among them are far-right and anti-Jewish statements. For example, according to the concerned members, the Horst Wessell song, which was popular with Nazis (at the time), will be performed in an audio message.

Horst Wessellied Source: app group members JFVD

The JFVD board has stated in a written response to the letter that it does not intend to expel the affected members, as requested by the whistleblowers:

“We looked at a large number of screenshots, some of which indeed have very objectionable content. The JFVD board wonders why the letter writers did not (much) ring the bell earlier. Some apps date from 2017 and 2018. Three years is a long time not to express concerns about this. ”

“Although the apps – except for a few – have not been placed in app groups managed by JFVD, we will take action where necessary now that this information has reached us. We will talk to the people who have made these statements, whether or not to continue their job, but will not respond to your demands for the cancellation of fifteen JFVD members. ”

Source: App group members JFVD
Source: Internal Public Discussion Note
Source: App group members JFVD

According to the troubled letter writers, they have not received any response from political leader Baudet. Lennart van der Linden of the main board of the Forum for Democracy late in a response HP / De Tijd know:

“The main board of Forum discussed the matter on Monday. The utterances you bring out are disgusting, but we don’t want to be a thought police for things that people do privately. However, one of those involved who had a formal role within the JFVD was immediately removed from office. ”

Van der Linden further says: “The central management will conduct an investigation and see which members are involved, what exactly has been said and what consequences this should have. This must be done carefully on the basis of hearing both sides of the argument. Then we will decide what the measures and consequences will be for individual members. That could be an admonition, a suspension or even a cancellation. ”

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