Hate crime in Baden-Württemberg continues to increase

Last year, 777 crimes were attributed to hate crime in the country - a fifth more than in the previous year. The numbers are particularly frightening when it comes to right-wing extremism and antisemitism.

Whether beatings against a man who wears Kippa - in the middle of the public eye - or extreme right-wing smearings in Jewish cemeteries: hate crime has increased further in Baden-Württemberg. This emerges from a response from the Interior Ministry to a request from the Greens, which is before the SWR. 

The 777 crimes that the State Criminal Police Office recorded for the Interior Ministry are far from being all. Many are not reported and hate crime, especially on the Internet, is still difficult to identify 
But these numbers are clear enough: almost 20 percent more politically motivated hate crimes than last year. 

Particularly significant increase in anti-Jewish motivated crimes 

What Hildenbrand calls for applies above all to hate comments and crimes from the far right. These are the vast majority of offenses, namely almost 700 crimes. The increase is particularly clear among those who are anti-Jewish: one third more hate crime against Jews than in the previous year. 

State Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) has that in mind. "Crimes in this area are followed consistently and with all severity. Unfortunately, we also have an almost 50 percent increase in politically motivated violent crime. That worries me a lot," he says. 

Right-wing crime is increasing on the Internet 

The problem of politically motivated crime from the right is changing. The state government's antisemitism officer, Michael Blume, also warns: "Unfortunately, it also confirms that people who tend towards antisemitism and racism are radicalizing themselves on the Internet." There, hatred could develop more and more - for example, because of the intensive exchange with like-minded people who confirm each other.

Source: swr