Leaflets appeared in downtown Augsburg, spreading antisemitic and racist conspiracy stories

Augsburg - Leaflets appeared in downtown Augsburg, using the Corona crisis to spread antisemitic and racist conspiracy stories. The leaflets were put in mailboxes and glued to street lights.

The text initially disputes the dangerousness of the Covid-19 disease caused by the Corona SARS-2 virus and claims that there are no or hardly any or deceased. Rather, this is a pure lie by governments and media and would be in the wider context of a plan to destroy the West and the "white race".

For five years, " all actions of the governments in the West, against their own citizens ", in particular through an " invasion " of " so-called refugees ". Through suggestive questions like " Do you really think it's coincidence that the entire West is to the same time flooded with migrants? Where did people get the travel money when they earn less than 2 euros a day? Do you really think that you can safely navigate the oceans with a rubber boat?"the author suggests that migration to Europe is from a" group of people who looks white, but claims that it is not white " would be controlled. The aim of this plan is that "the races mix until in just a few generations they are all completely merged into a hybrid breed, whose respective special abilities absolutely disguise with each generation".

In describing who this extremely powerful group is, the author's antisemitism becomes obvious:

" It's also the same group that owns 85 % of all media in the world. Same group that distributed hundreds of non-governmental organizations around the world to argue for their special interests. The same group that owns 98 % of all so-called national banks and has been in debt to the nations into immeasurable since decades. The group that makes money out of nowhere. The same group that is for open borders everywhere in the West, but insist on a pure state in their " homeland." " homeland " means Israel, which is branded by the quotation marks as an illegitimate state, allegedly on a " pure " Population exists. The author's racism is projected to the Jewish state like this.

Also the myth that Jews allegedly owned national banks (in particular the US Federal Reserve System is the subject of such conspiracy ideologies) so that " the nations " indebted and created " money out of nowhere " are classic antisemitic topoi. With a Henry Kissinger quotation, the leaflet also makes a man act as a witness to the alleged reality of this plan against the " white race " which can be considered the epitome of the ' powerful Jew " in antisemitic ideology. Kissinger allegedly said: " We eliminate the white race with its too high and therefore dangerous intelligence through multicultural societies!" The conspiracy myth is complete, racism and antisemitism interfere.

Another alleged 'proof' of this closed, conspiracy ideological and delusional antisemitic worldview, it is said that Angela Merkel received the Kalergi Prize in 2010 for her merits to Europe. Richard Nicholaus Coudenhove-Kalergi was a forethinker of European thought. In conspiracy ideological circles, he is attributed to an alleged " Kalergi plan This encompasses the destruction of the " white race " by " mixing ", which would create an 'identity-free " population ruled and oppressed by a' Jewish elite ",

" Too many people know about these things.", claims the leaflet towards the end. " This is why we are now experiencing the so-called 'CORONA CRISE'. With which now justifies total control and punishment for any resistance." This " artificial crisis " would " widen until the entire West is purely economically on the ground." It would then " increasingly communist conditions ". The person in charge will be called " Research the origins of communism. They are not Russian. And not Asian either. It's the same group as described before." This double blame is also a typical antisemitic image: ' The Jew ' would be behind capitalism and communism as a stripper.

" No party, no government will save us. These are the problem. Only the peoples themselves can free themselves. And we are all in demand.", the leaflet ends with a call for the population 'resistance'. Here is the destruction of the Jews, because the conspiracy imagined in antisemitism can only be achieved through a 'final solution'.

The leaflet shows how antisemitism acts as a victim ideology: the violent break-off against the 'Jewish world conspiracy' is always being transformed as innocent self-defense.

Source: RIAS