Swastika on a mailbox of a Jewish family in Milan

Milan - They found her this morning and it was a real blow to the heart. A swastika, badly corrected or perhaps only badly made, engraved in the wood next to the mailbox . The odious discovery was made by Simon Jacques Raccah , born in Milan2, and residing in the neighborhood for 4 years with his wife Rotem, originally from Israel, and his two young children. A well-known family, also because Simon is the owner of a coworking center in the Centro Direzionale.

The swastika, engraved in the wood right next to their mailbox, seems to have been later modified by a second intervention to disguise it, or perhaps it was simply misfired. A symbol and a gesture, shared by the family on the neighborhood Facebook group, which garnered the outrage and solidarity of all the residents .