Nazi protesting Ohio CV-19 quarantine identified

Michael Patrick Slatzer of Canton, Ohio, right, 
confirmed in an interview he is the person on
 the right holding the antisemitic poster
On Saturday, April 18, a protest in front of the state house in Columbus, Ohio opposing the state imposed CV-19 quarantine attracted scores of demonstrators, which included self avowed Nazis. 

One vehicle and a duo were seen driving a Dodge minivan holding an antisemitic poster out the window, depicting a caricature of a Jew as a rat with an Israeli symbol titled “The Real Plague.”

The two were later seen with the same poster at the demonstration in front of the state capitol. 

After an investigation, the bald man on the right in above photograph was identified as Michael Patrick Slatzer of Canton, Ohio, who confirmed in a Monday interview he was the owner of the minivan, attended the demonstration, and was holding the antisemitic poster. 

Slatzer contended in the Monday telephone interview that “The Jews are responsible for the Corona virus” and continued with a series of conspiracy theories blaming Jews for everything from the shut down and quarantine, to Jews being behind political leaders who were being blackmailed to enforce the CV-19 shutdown “because they were all flown out to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile sex island paid for by Jews.” 

Jeffrey Epstein was the convicted millionaire pedophile who died in jail in 2019 and has been linked to numerous high profile politicians and wealthy influential figures, including former president Bill Clinton, current president Donld Trump, Harvard law professor Allen Dershowitz, and British Prince Andrew, among many others. 

Slatzer also contended that all vaccinnes were a Jewish conspiracy to poison people. “All the vaccinnes are made in Israel,” he said in a Monday telephone interview. “They were all created by Israeli scientists.” 

Slatzer has an extensive arrest record,including at least 43 criminal charges in Ohio, which include numerous violent crimes, including domestic battery, cruelty to animals, aggravated assault, carrying concealed weapons, aggravated menacing, using weapons while intoxicated, criminal trespass, resisting arrest, loud noises, numerous disorderly conduct charges, assault, numerous domestic violence charges, misuse of credit cards, aggravated menacing, various other gun violations, felonious assault, carrying concealed weapons, using weapons while intoxicated, public indecency, leaving the scene of an accident, numerous driving while intoxicated charges, numerous charges related to drug possession and intoxication related charges, including walking on the highway while intoxicated by drugs, among many other criminal charges. 

A 2016 article in the Canton Rep detailed one of Slatzer’s arrests. “An intoxicated man concealed a loaded and cocked handgun and threatened to shoot someone Saturday. Matthew P. Slatzer, 32, of XXXXX was arrested about 5 p.m. Saturday at the McKinley Grand Hotel, 320 Market Ave. S. Slatzer was intoxicated and had a handgun, with a round in the chamber and the hammer in the cocked position, concealed in his front pocket, according to Stark County Jail records. According to a Canton Police report, Slatzer showed a man the gun and threatened to shoot him. He also caused a disturbance at several downtown businesses. Slatzer was arrested on felony weapons charges, having weapons under disability, a third-degree felony, and carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth-degree felony, as well as misdemeanor charges of aggravated menacing, using weapons while intoxicated and disorderly conduct.”

Slatzer’s Dodge minivan at the Columbus, Ohio
state capitol demonstration against the CV-19 quarantine
The vehicle he was driving, a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan with an Ohio tag number. 

The vehicle was photographed showing the license plate number which, according to Ohio state records, show it is owned and registered to Slatzer. In an interview, Slatzer acknowledged he was the owner of the 2000 Dodge minivan. “How did you get my telephone number? And how did you get my information from my license plate information? Fuck you, Jew.” 

He was accompanied by another political compatriot, the passenger in Slatzer’s vehicle, who remains unidentified. 

Slatzer, in Monday’s interview, was concerned that he and many Ohioans were unable work, had run out of money, and were not recipients of the federal $2 trillion dollar bailout of the economic fallout of the corona virus pandemic. “Why are these Jewish controlled corporations getting all the money and those of us who work for a living getting nothing? How much are the CEO’s of the big companies being paid? We are both not allowed to go to work and getting no support from the government,” he said. 

The presence of Nazis at the Ohio state house demonstration Saturday was first tweeted by Laura Hancock@laurahancockColumbus-based reporter, @clevelanddotcom